Looks as if our Peak-camp Scouts are having a brilliant time – plenty of good weather. Enough at least to take a few pics (thanks Kerry!).

Here they are in their Ice-Age branded T’s.

iceage1 dinner2


And, here they are having some tasty Mammoth Sausages ūüėČ

iceage2 dinner1


Peak Camp – they really are there!

With their rather fetching lime green Peak Camp 2015 T’s and their own Peak Camp scarf, the scouts, leaders and honorary scouts look like they are getting into the spirit!

Before the rain arrived

Before the rain arrived


Are you sure they are not at Glastonbury?

Peak Camp and World Scout Jamboree

It is an extraordinary week for our Scout Group and Scouting all over the world.

This week sees the start of the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Yamaguchi City, Japan. A once in 5-year event where 4000 scouts from around the UK will join thousands from all around the world.  And in there somewhere are 5 scouts from the 16th! Good luck to Ben Clarke, Ben Robinson, Ollie Hobs, Ross Ferreria and Aoife Linzell.

Exciting as Japan is, the UK also is also holding its parallel Jamboree event this Week РPeak Camp.  No less than 7000 scouts descend on the Chatsworth Estate in Derbyshire for an incredible week of fun and activities.  We are sending a group of 14 scouts and explorers plus 3 leaders there for 7 nights of amazing adventure.

Today also saw Bear Grylls fly-in, in his signature style to say hello to the scouts at Peak.

There are pictures available at the facebook and twitter pages of Peak Camp – but so far I’ve not been able to spot our scouts, see if you can do better!

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